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Thank you for being here.  My name is Dione Laufenberg.  




I have my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I’m licensed for Massage Therapy, Nail Technology, and Aesthetics.  I’m passionate about combining my education with my desire to help women create a life they love by making them feel beautiful from the inside out.

I owned and operated a successful boutique day spa in Madison, WI for eight years that offered luxury spa treatments, selling the company in 2016.  My enthusiasm for self-care, preventative healthcare, and pampering is fierce. 

I love writing about these passions and have turned them into a wealth of resources for families like mine utilizing my knowledge and sharing the skills I acquired over the years on the Laufty Life Blog.

My blog digs deeper into positive self-love tips and raising children in a multiracial family while sharing hair regimens and styles for natural hair—specifically hair maintenance for biracial kids. I also share recommendations for all-inclusive travel, Midwest destinations, and parenting hacks.


In addition to being an expert in wellness and relaxation, I’m the mama of two perfectly blended beauties.  I quickly recognized the unique set of challenges that comes along with caring for their hair. My expertise and knowledge, coupled with life experience, is what motivated and inspired me to start SWURLYCO.

My story involves being resourceful in using my passions to create a career I love and incredible products for my customers.


What I’ve learned is that I am my target market. I’ve successfully created services and products that provide the experience that I would seek for myself as a consumer. I find resolutions. That is the heart of an entrepreneur.

That’s what black women have always been good at doing – being resourceful and working with what we have. We know what’s good for our hair, our skin, and our mental health. I’m in awe of all the women of color who are fulfilling the needs of their families, branding their creations, and adding a little black girl magic.

Swurly was inspired by my beautiful biracial duo and was created because we needed a solution to keep their protective styles and braids intact. With two daughter’s hair to do, I needed a way to keep the moisture in for the time between our wash days. I set off on a journey to create our kid’s adjustable sleep cap.

As I learned about the natural benefits of silk and the misinformation associated with satin, the solution for the perfect hair bonnet was clear. We began to craft it — a bonnet made of real silk not polyester satin, with a band that adjusts to fit the growing head of a child and designed to encourage the child to want to wear it by using fun colors and custom printed bands.


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