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The Silk Difference

It's not your average polyester, nylon or satin.

Silk is a game changer that locks moisture in.  It provides a smooth resting place that won’t damage hair follicles with friction.   Cotton is made for spills you don't want it directly contacting your hair and your skin.   

Silk preserves your hairstyle.  Whether it is a flat iron, wash n go, braids or extensions. With zero seams the fabric does not snag, pull or tangle your hair.  It decreases the need for excess hair manipulation and re-styling.  

Silk Sleep decreases the need for daily heat, and it reduces the need for rewashing & reconditioning.

        •  It’s the strongest natural fiber known to man. It’s durable, wicks moisture, and holds up to shape-shifting extremely well.
        • It feels similar to your skin.  It helps regulate temperature as it is naturally wicking.  It automatically adjust to your body's temperature so you won't overheat while you sleep even with a full cap on..  
        • It's made by a natural process from worms feeding exclusively on the mulberry tree.  Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and organic, silk is a commodity.  Those other fabrics are manmade imitations.

What Silk will do for your hair.



    • Silk is seamless with no grain, it will not snag, pull or break off fragile hair.


    • Wearing a silk bonnet or sleeping on a silk pillowcase prevents the need for daily restyling.  Hair doesn't encounter the abrasion of rubbing on moisture absorbing fabrics.  Therefore reducing frizz, dryness and the need to start over each morning restyling.  


    • Extend the number of days between washing and restyling.  Create longevity for your wash and go, silk press, blow-out, or flat ironed hair.  

    • Extend the moisture and shine of the product you layer in, resulting in using 50% less of them.  Extend the investment of your hair extensions, braids and sew-ins. 

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