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Kid's Bonnets


Our journey began with a mission to find a bonnet for kids that actually stayed put. We began to craft it, made of real silk (not polyester satin). We designed a band that adjusts to the growing head of a child and designed it with style to encourage them to want to wear hair protection. When fully extended our children's cap extends to an adult size band but the colors and prints are created for the young at heart.


Adults can choose from a variety of hair preserving silk protection options in our shop.  Adult sleep caps/bonnets are roomier for thick, dense, long or naturally curly hair.  They can accommodate a pineapple style or extensions and braids.  Our new adjustable turbans can also accommodate any length or density including braids and extensions.



For those women, not accustomed to wearing a sleep cap at all, our silk pillowcases are a great option. Not only will they have friction-free sleep to prevent hair damage, but it will also allow facial skin to retain moisture and be crease-free in the morning.



We offer scarves as edge wraps and full hair wraps.  These are great for you ladies that like to slay those edges.  The also work great for those that don't want a full hair covering, women who have locs, jumbo braids or extensions with great length.  They are long enough to wrap around your head twice and put a cute bow in.  


Our hats are one size fits most and they work great for adults and kids.  Here is a video compilation of different customers wearing them so you can see the fit on multiple size heads and hair density.  >>>

We get questions from customers who refer to their own heads as "big", be kind with the words you use to describe yourself.  If you like a roomier hat I would recommend the knit hat it is slouchy with lots of stretch.  If you like a snugger fit the cable knit hat is our tighter woven options

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