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The premium silk we use here at Swurlyco is 100% authentic and the highest-quality available on the market. That means there are some special considerations when working with these luxury fabrics.  We produce our products in small batches.

Unlike synthetic alternatives, the real silk we offer is difficult to cultivate and only available in certain colors at select times. In fact, it takes more than 2 million cocoons from silkworms to produce one pound of silk, and it can take several days for the production process to be ready to ship out. 

Our luxe silk accessories are one-of-a-kind because of the superior level of quality in which they are made.  Our small batch designs include custom dyed silk which we aren't always able to have replicated for restocking.

If you see a color or style that you love get it.  Every season expect newly designed and exclusive silk additions.

Tell us if you have a request for a new item.

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